Student-Teacher Scandals People Witnessed In School

Image via Clevver
Image via Clevver

All schools have their fair share of scandals. From sex tapes to bullying, we’ve seen it all. But one of the more common scandals? Student-teacher relationships.

Whether it was just a one time thing or an actual relationship, there is usually a case of a student and teacher getting a little too close for comfort. Sure, it’s romanticized by pop culture, but it’s illegal for a reason. If I have to sit through another tv show like Pretty Little Liars or Riverdale when a teacher bangs a student, imma be pissed. Isn’t that story line a little old?

Well, regardless of my personal opinion, inappropriate things will continue to happen on school grounds. And despite how messed up it is, who doesn’t like a little gossip? These people definitely do. They spilled the beans on their school’s biggest student-teacher scandals, and some were WAY worse than you could ever imagine.

These people witnessed crazy student-teacher scandals in school:


The English teacher came in stoned off her ass to the school newspaper with her shirt mostly unbuttoned and asked “which one of those big boys were going to take her home?” One kid did, I don’t know how it turned out after that.


Our guidance counselor left his wife for a ‘former’ student in the late 70’s. He ended up leaving her for another ‘former’ student in the late 80’s. Tried to hit on one of my classmates in the early 00’s and got shut down hard, fired, lost his pension, and got divorced.


A social studies teacher that everyone liked was sleeping with female students, but he waited until legal age (17 in my state) to do it. He was an awesome teacher who made learning fun. He would speak to certain girls more than other students, but besides rumors, no one ever actually really thought he was having sex with them. That’s crazy, right? Well, it all came to light when he arranged a dalliance with a student at a motel. The motel had a pool. The pool had a lifeguard. The lifeguard was another student in my school and he spotted them. I believe the teacher resigned immediately before he could be fired. When I was in college, I heard he had a new job as a motivational speaker or something.


My freshman year there were rumors that the (female) band director was sleeping with two (also female) students and had been caught showering with them at band camp. Nothing was ever proven as far as I know, but the band director did leave unexpectedly mid-way through the year to take a job somewhere else.


A history teacher at my old high school was arrested and lost his job for getting caught in a “to catch a predator” like scheme where a cop posed as a 15 year old girl. He is married with kids.

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