Student-Teacher Scandals People Witnessed In School


The principal at my high school hung himself. It turns out he did it because he’d gotten one of the students who assisted in the office pregnant, and by committing suicide he hoped to save his wife and kids and the community from the pregnancy scandal.


A girl banged her history teacher and he was fired. My band teacher was put in jail for having an extensive relationship with a 15 year old. Her parents found their emails together and turned him in immediately. Unfortunately, it was later found out that the janitor had kind of caught them at one point prior to him being turned in, told administration and he was brushed off.


We had a Physics teacher at my very tiny high school who acted inappropriately with the girls in school. There was nothing overwhelmingly concrete, but there was flirting and questionable conversations, and questionable gifts – such as underwear (but not lingerie), perfume, jewelry, etc. I think some people wrote it off as that ‘small town’ vibe – everyone knows each other, everyone is family, etc. Then, not long after I graduated, there were rumors that he’d had actual inappropriate relationships/sex with those same high school girls (I am not sure if this was ever substantiated as true or not). Either way, the teacher in question ended up committing suicide not long after the information started coming out.


I was a freshman at the time. The teacher was married and had an affair with one of the students. He had to divorce his wife and left the school. Once the girl graduated, they got together, now years later they are having a baby. Wild.


A couple years ago a teacher had a student house sitting for him while he was on a senior class trip out of state (from what I understand from people close to the incident and pop psychology/sociopath/pedophilia he’d spent some time grooming her and had selected her specifically) – encouraged the student to have a party and told her she could drink anything but the good stuff in the cabinet (he had stocked his fridge with alcohol before he left), just clean up after. Girl invites her bf over one night, about to get busy, bf sees something shiny in a golf bag that’s oddly placed in the closet in the guest room – turns out it was a camera. Keeps pulling on threads and noticing odd things – the guest room the student is staying in, all the bathrooms, and hot tub are wired for them. Teacher picked up a bunch of child pornography charges plus a few others and is doing 4-12.

Written by Alex Cogen

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