Student-Teacher Scandals People Witnessed In School


Computer teacher had a new relationship with a different senior girl every year. 1 year he cheated on one and she turned him in. He was fired and lost his teaching license. The algebra teacher who was his best friend confronted the girl who turned him in outside of school and he was arrested and also lost his job and can never teach again.


My high school biology teacher was caught having a threesome with his wife and an underage female student. Both the teacher and the wife went to jail.


It was my choir teacher’s first year teaching at our school and he became involved with a senior girl. All of the students knew it; they were both disappearing at the same time during school sanctioned trips, she was shown extreme favoritism, and the entire student body was aware of the relationship. I was a freshman at the time and wasn’t in the same choir group that she was in so I wasn’t privy to most of the details myself, but I can assure you the ENTIRE student body knew. The administration covered it up completely. Invented a story basically acknowledging the relationship but everyone committed to the same lie claiming their relationship didn’t start until after graduation, though all the students had known for months prior.


The high school marching band director was a 40-something married guy with a toddler. Two of the senior girls were twins, and spent a LOT of time with him. Always getting called to the band room to “help out” in their study halls and even from other actual classes, babysat his kid at his house, etc. They were just always together. People would make off-color jokes about it but nobody thought anything was actually going on. Cut to, suddenly one day he is removed from school in the middle of the day and suspended from teaching. It turns out he was fucking at least one, possibly both, of the twins, and one night after a late marching band contest, the night janitor at the school walked in on them in the band room going at it.


My former history teacher who was a softball coach got caught by the police while one of the girls from the team was going down on him in his car in a parking lot. He was a month away from getting married so I felt bad for his ex fiance. The girl was about a month away from turning 18 and graduating. Rumors were going around saying to keep her softball scholarship she said he sexually assaulted her, idk how true that is though.

Written by Alex Cogen

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