21 Sugar Babies Admit Real Life Experiences with Sugar Daddies

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Imagine being a broke college student. Okay yes, we’ve all been broke college students, so I’m sure you can imagine. There have been many a night where ramen or grilled cheese was for dinner. But what happens when you can’t even pay tuition even with scholarships? Ask mom and dad for help? Check out if there’s more grants you can apply for? Work double shifts as much as you can between studying and class?

No, the only logical answer is to become a sugar baby, duh. Okay, not really. You can do any of the aforementioned but a whooping number of college students and twenty-something’s have opted for this route instead. The last time I was in New York, a friend of mine and I discussed expensive tuition at NYU and how anyone could even afford going to that school. He surprisingly brought up that the stigma of sugar babies/sugar daddies have somehow dissipated over the years and that more college-age girls are considering it, at least.

There are websites where you can find yourself a sugar daddy and most of them claim they just want companionship – to take you out for a fancy dinner, have a cute girl on the arm to a fancy soiree, or just to sit and talk. Most of them don’t even want a “Netflix and chill” situation, which is less than what most frat guys are asking for. There’s up’s and down’s to the the whole sugar baby phenomenon and who better to tell it than the one’s that have lived it.

These 21 sugar babies share what the experience is like IRL:


One guy lived across the Atlantic from me. He flew me to spend a month with him, gave me an apartment and a job after we spent a weekend in NYC together. More recently I flew to his city on my own and lived with him for two months. We had periodic stints of sexual relationship but ultimately he was just a friend as I was dating someone on and off in between seeing him. Ultimately, it turned out that he was a sociopath and had no respect for women so I haven’t spoken to him since. Overall, I have no regrets. Except having to explain to a current SO that I had done that, but then again, I wouldn’t be in the country that I’m in if it weren’t for the second one so we wouldn’t have met.


Most of my sugar daddies were pretty short term because I move around a lot, but it was never sexual. Most of them just wanted companionship. But I guess now that I think of it.. it never got sexual because I always moved around. And plus, I always made myself appear innocent and made them feel like they had to earn my trust. (Mostly inquiries from white men seeking Asian women)


I’ve had my sugar daddy now for about a year and my arrangement with him is that I get 2000€/month as an allowance. He also pays my rent and any extra expenses I have because of him, like if I need new clothes to accompany him somewhere or travel costs as we don’t live in the same city. We agreed on three date nights and one weekend together a month and one weekend away every once in a while.


I used to sugar, and escort- I’m taking a break from both because of mental health reasons. I’ve been in two long-term sugar arrangements- One at 16, one at 17. 700/800 per week + gifts, respectively, for roughly one date and one round of sex and post-sex cuddling. I did negotiate the money, though- silly little me actually negotiated down from 1.2k/1k respectively, because I thought too much cash lying around would tip off my parents. I was such a stupid f*cking child, ugh. Granted, I shouldn’t have been sugaring anyway, but y’know.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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