These Teachers Need To Be Fired

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Teachers have it hard, man. After years of going through the sh*tty educational system, some how these people decided they wanted to pursue the career of teaching young minds. And if you’ve met most teachers outside of the classroom, you’d know that they’re probably miserable. They’re thinking of the next lesson plan they have to draft, grading a bunch of papers, and dealing with their students (who are mostly ungrateful, let’s be real).

My best friend is an English teacher at a middle school and the last time I visited her, she asked me to meet at her school. I walked in not knowing what to expect and everything seemed fine and dandy up until I actually stepped foot into her classroom. Kids are f*cking awful, especially at that age. Not only do teachers have to drum up lesson plans and figure out how to get this information to stick in the brains of these ingrates, they also have to deal with their poor attitudes. No wonder teachers love happy hour and can’t wait for the weekend almost more than the rest of us do.

But there are bad apples thrown into that bunch, that’s for sure. Yes, teachers are underpaid, unappreciated, and work so hard without the acknowledgement but some teachers are just plain a**holes. Who knows if all the years of working in the sh*tty educational system turned them sour or not but one thing’s for certain, they probably shouldn’t be teachers anymore.

These Teachers Should’ve Been Fired:


He brought a thermos with more whiskey than coffee to work every day. By early afternoon he’d be a reeking, slurring mess.


A history class in 7th grade. Everyday he would sit outside the classroom before the bell would ring and talk to the teacher next door until it was 10min. into the period. Then he would turn on the news and say, “History is happening around us. Learn it as it happens”. Then he would snack on Little Debbies and read the newspaper for an hour.


Had a Human Anatomy and Physiology teacher that said you get muscle cramps because your muscles dry up and rub against your bones.


My sophomore algebra teacher was known in the school for being the biggest a**hole but he was tenured so he knew he was safe. After one particularly brutal test he must’ve gotten some complaints from the students because in the next class he handed out articles to everyone about how self-esteem doesn’t exist and it doesn’t matter.


Art teacher. Called black and white primary colours. Pronounced gouache ‘goo arch ahy.’ Threw a kid against a wall for back talking her and damn near broke her arm.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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