The 19 Weirdest Things Rich People Do Behind Closed Doors

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Being rich doesn’t sound too shabby. No more worrying about paying your bills or that debilitating debt you’ve acquired. If you do it right, it sounds like it could be such a chill, stress-free life.

But when you think of rich people, you think of flashy people that are obnoxious when it comes to flaunting their dough. They buy jets and yacht and have numerous homes and cars. It just sounds like a little much. But some of that stuff you’re like, okay I get it.

And then you hear stories about rich people doing super bizarre things. You gotta imagine that having that much money would get to your head and could make you slightly strange.

The following 19 rich people possibly come across normal, but behind closed doors they do super strange things. Like if you only wear tattered underwear or give your dog smart water, you’re a little odd.

These 19 rich people do strange things behind closed doors:


Helped my mother in law who was a maid once with a very large mansion in NC. Beautiful house, amazing architecture. They traveled the world all the time. The kitchen had old old appliances from the 70’s, the wife’s bathroom had a broken toilet seat that was duct taped together. The wife did not rewear her underwear. We were not to go in the basement. I peaked down there, there were clothes three foot deep in the basement where she took off her clothes and just threw them down there. Thousands of pairs of underwear. Very weird people.


My sister is a nanny for an NBA player and his wife. The wife called my sister at 9 PM to come to their house for an “urgent” matter. When my sister gets to their house, the wife tells her take the trash out. That’s it. My sister drove an hour round trip to take out the trash.


I delivered furniture to a rich person’s mansion once only to discover a few rooms were completely empty. I figured we would be putting furniture in there with the load we were delivering but that didn’t happen & I mentioned to a co-worker how the one room was bigger than my living room & completely bare & he said “maybe they’re getting stuff during another round?” & the guy heard & said “nah that room is staying empty – I have no use for it. Same with the others too.” I couldn’t really wrap my head around a lot of things after that. First off to be rich enough to afford a house like that, then on top of that, purposefully have parts of your house go completely unused because you don’t care about them. Like…why even buy a house that big then?


One of my clients only lets her dog drink smart water.


Written by Alex Cogen

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