The 23 Worst Things That Have Happened After a One Night Stand

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Sometimes a one night stand is exactly what you need. You’re in, you’re out, no attachments or feels.. just sex. Usually it ends, and the next morning (or right after) you’re on your way, no info exchanged, and you’re back out in the world as if nothing happened.

But that’s not always the way it goes. Sometimes one night stands are the worst! The sex can be horrible, the person a POS, and it just wasn’t all that you wanted it to be. One of the worst things to happen? A crappy morning after.

A lot of things can go wrong the next morning, just ask the following 23 people. They had terrible morning afters, and their one night stand did not end on a high note. Whether the person was actually in a relationship, or they have SUPER present kids, these interactions definitely did not go as planned.

These 23 people had horrible experiences the morning after a one night stand:


She told me I could sleep in as she left for work early, just to lock the door on my way out. Her estranged husband decided to pop over, notices me in the bed, naked, gets pissed off, rants about how she’s a terrible person, and oh BTW did she mention she was married and has a kid. I start get dressed, as I’m putting my shoes on husband picks up TV/VCR combo and is about to leave. I say, “don’t steal her TV, she’s going to think I did it.” he did not seem to care.


Nothing says good morning like a toddler tugging on the blankets saying “Mommy who is that in your bed?”


Woke up with no memory of each other, then she began screaming about being late to her grandma’s funeral. Dropped her off in a tiny dress not wearing shoes still drunk as fuck in front of her entire extended family.


I met a girl at a show that my band was playing at, went back to her place, had sex 3 or 4 times that night, then fell asleep at probably 7am. I wake up at about 9am, completely disoriented, and hear her boyfriend kissing her saying “Mmm, looked like you guys had fun last night!” He was apparently watching us the entire time. I didn’t even know she had a roommate.


Written by Alex Cogen

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