The 31 Best Texts of 2016

2016 was a mixed bag. Many are claiming it was the worst year ever, taking into account all the incredibly talented celebrities we lost along the way.

But let us not forget the good things. It was the year of Westworld, Lemonade (praise be to B), Fantastic Beasts, The Battle of the Bastards (or just what whole season of GOT), Donald Glover (Atlanta AND Awaken, My Love!.. omg), Kate McKinnon in all her glory, and the phenomenon that was Hamilton the Musical.

And to top it all off, 2016 brought some of the best texts EVER. They made us laugh, they made us cringe, they made us think “f*ck, that sounds just like me.” So let us take a moment to appreciate the good that came in 2016, and forget all that horrible sh*t.

Without further ado, here are the 31 best texts from 2016:






Written by Alex Cogen

Alex is a New Yorker currently living in Austin. She loves cats, grass, and latex but unfortunately is allergic to all 3. She makes mom and dad jokes more than she cares to admit (jk she'll admit it loud and proud). She isn't as funny as she thinks she is. She is the founder of