The Internet Is Divided After Netflix Renews ’13 Reasons Why’ For Another Season

A popular teen show based on a novel, “13 Reasons Why,” has for the last few years divided the Internet over whether or not it’s appropriate for its target audience.

The show, which focuses on a teenager’s suicide, has been said to “glamourize” suicide and depression, as well as gives young people a “way out.” Others, however, believe the show brings forth a conversation that is not discussed enough and shows those who suffer from mental health issues that there are people who want to help.

On Wednesday, Netflix announced that they would be renewing the show for a third season, which will stream sometime in 2019. This comes after the popularity of the second season of the show, which is available for streaming now.

The announcement has had mixed reviews. There are many who are against commercializing a teen’s suicide and showing it in such a “pop culture” kind of way.

And, then, there are those who feel as though the show is vital for any teen and a brilliant “coming of age” story for those who do suffer.

What do you think–is it a good idea that Netflix renewed the show? Or, is it a bad choice?