These 19 People Are Into The Grossest Sex Fetishes

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I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was in high school, my friend had been screaming and giggling and covering her eyes in shock and disgust when the piano music crescendoed. I walked over to her as she slammed her laptop shut. Intrigued and horrified by her reaction, I had to know what she was watching. Oh how naive and wrong I was.

Two Girls One Cup, for those who aren’t willing or interested to see for themselves, starts out like any normal porno. Two hot girls begin making out, but what follows is quite the opposite of your run-of-the-mill girl-on-girl YouPorn vids. Let’s just say, there’s a lot of pooping into cups, drinking the poop, vomiting into mouths, sh*t, barf, repeat. Sounds lovely, right?! I think that day in high school marked the loss of my poor, poor innocence.

You might not think that sh*t and pee and vomit would turn some people on, but there’s a quaint group of people who absolutely love scat play and whizzing on their partners. They’re quite possibly the (literal) dirtiest things you can do in bed, and that’s the appeal for most who love this taboo fetish. Maybe they like the idea of a beautiful woman partaking in such a natural and smelly action, reserved usually for private, to lose all inhibition in front of another person. Or maybe they just like the warm and gushing sensation of getting peed on in the bedroom, shower, outside, and where-the-f*ck-ever. Hey, as long as all people involved are consenting adults, I say — SCAT ON! Just remember to keep your laundry detergent stocked.

These people are into the grossest sex fetishes ever:


I was first exposed to the whole urine fetish thing when I was like 14 or something when “cybering” with some random person on the internet who I now know was probably a 50 year old dude. Anyway “she” (posing as a girl my age) suggested that I “piss all over her”. I never even considered such a thing nor was I aware that people did that for sexual arousal. For some reason it really appealed to me and so I began seeking out piss fetish porn. The more I’d watch, the more extreme it would have to be to get the same effect (and novelty was/is always key). That need for “more extreme” stuff eventually lead me to scat porn. I’m over a decade older but I’m still turned on by it. I think what turns me on about it is the fact that it is so fucked up. So dirty. To see an otherwise beautiful woman do something so twisted. It’s just hot.


I’m into women farting, just not pooping or peeing. I like how a woman’s butthole winks when she farts, and I like the idea of her being able to store farts in her butthole and then fart them out in my face. The feel her of her farts coming out, or just the sound of them is awe inspiring to me. Especially if her farts interact with stuff, like she is wearing a dress and her farts move part of the dress .


I have a vomiting fetish. Most of my fetish is centered around watching other people vomit; I don’t like vomiting myself, or being vomited on. I think it mostly started because when I was younger I used to be terrified of vomiting, would have panic attacks if anyone puked near me. As I got older I sort of became curious, and I’d reread scenes in books involving vomiting over and over again and fantasize about it. Then one day, I discovered orgasms while fantasizing about vomiting, and I realized that I had a fetish for it. I’m a girl btw. I guess the appeal comes from the intensity of being so afraid of it before. It’s also sort of similar to the build up and then release of an orgasm.


I don’t have a fetish, but I do enjoy the occasional golden shower. I have to be extremely in the mood for it. I think it’s because I like to have my husband cum on me, but he can only do it once or twice. I think I have a bukkake fetish, but that’s a little difficult, so I imagine his pee is cum.


I have been on both the giving and receiving end of piss play, and enjoy both. For me, a lot of the sexual attraction comes from the demeaning aspect of the act (in a dom/sub sense) as well as the primal aspect of “marking your territory.” Also, I find the sensation of warm piss all over my body to be very stimulating, although I am indifferent toward the smell and taste.


I’m a female who is super, duper into watersports (it’s one of my biggest fetishes), but i’m totally disgusted by scat. I’m a lot less ashamed by it than I used to be, after finding an SO who shares the fetish as well. I think the reasoning behind is that I like a lot of rough, submissive, humiliating/embarrassing sort of kinks/fetishes/scenarios, and being pissed on/inside of/etc is just like, incredibly humiliating to be reduced to something worth just being pissed on/used as a urinal. I like being batted around a little and told what to do, but only by my SO. All of that stuff stays private inside the bedroom, I don’t take shit from anybody outside of that.


I’m into the holding of urine (females only). My reasons include: the somewhat sexual motions involved in the holding (touching the genitals, standing in poses reminiscent of those that models have in photos exhibiting their sex appeal, and dancing). The will-they-make-it, won’t-they-make-it excitement. And the aspect of fighting for control, which can also be seen in a number of other common fetishes (one that also stood out as evoking some of the same things was this thing with people reading out loud while being stimulated and trying not to show it, and others with people trying to hide that they’re being stimulated on the phone for example).


I just get turned on thinking about being pissed on. It’s not like I want to wallow in piss, drink it, or smell it. But getting on my knees in a bathtub and being pissed on, or standing under a horse relieving himself, or being straddled by a woman as she urinates on me and feeling the warm liquid flow around me gets me going.


Diaper fetish. I’m not into shit or piss sexually, but shitting a diaper and chilling in it? Heavenly.


I freaking hate when porn involves diarrhea. Some people love it, but I find it disgusting. However, a good solid log that just slides out of some hot girls ass? Mmmm, dat shit’s sexy.


I get turned on when people really really need to pee. I discovered it when I was around maybe 7 or 8 or so. There was this Mickey Mouse stuffed figure in my room, and I pretended he really needed to pee. It felt good.


I pee in the shower and I love the feeling of the hot stream on my leg and foot. I want to share that feeling with someone cause it feels so good. I wait to hold my urine sometimes just for when I shower. No guy has came around to actually “exchanging pees” with me though.


I do eat shit. It doesn’t actually taste as bad as you’d imagine. An ideal turd for me has no taste other than bitterness and is soft but still has form. I usually eat from under a rim seat directly from the ass. At times it can become overwhelming if I’m eating a big load and I have puked before, but sometimes I’ll just start chewing on the puked up turd again. Nuts, corn and artificial sweetner can greatly affect the taste and make it much more difficult to swallow. Depending on the guy I might just smear on myself or him what I can’t/don’t want to eat or I may have to eat every single bite without any mess(you wouldn’t want to mess your toilet at home, wouldn’t you?).


Had a thing for urine before I knew it was not completely normal. I just assumed urine was a thing for everyone, because, you know, it comes straight from the target and is warm and watching someone urinate is never done. Kinda like sex. Then I grew up and found that not everyone shared my adoration. It was just the tiniest bit hard to find porn in that setting.


I dated a girl who was into shit. she would have me sit on the toilet and she would suck me off while I took a shit. she wanted shit rubbed on her clit which I wouldn’t entertain. Never understood what her fantasy was about. She was the hottest girl I ever dated. Supermodel caliber.


I’m not into scat and not much into watersports, but I am into the desperation and pants/underwear/whatever wetting aspect of the urination fetish. I like to participate in and watch others participate in both of those things. I think the fetish comes from the feeling of being desperate itself. I’ve always liked the feeling of having to pee. It’s always felt really good to me. Around the time I hit puberty, I discovered a website that had videos of desperation and pants wetting. I watched some videos and realized that I not only liked holding my own pee, but I also liked watching others hold it. A lot of people like the humiliation aspect of desperation, but for me it’s just the desperation itself that turns me on.


Most of wet dreams I had growing up involved a common event. Me needing to pee, really badly, and not being able to find a toilet. At the point that I’d given up hope in finding a toilet I’d end up peeing my pants in my dream while simultaneously jizzing my pants in real life. I’ve just kinda rolled with it that piss is sexy. At least I wasn’t waking up with piss soaked bed sheets, just semen stained underpants.


I figured out I was into some pee/scat specifically when I was watching BDSM porn. At first it seemed scary and I was bothered to be into it, but I realized c’est la vie and took the dive. I guess the more embarrassing the poop/pee, the better?


College-age female here, I am into other girls or myself accidentally wetting and wearing/wetting diapers. For me, it is the embarrassment and regression. Wetting is a submissive and intimate thing that makes me feel vulnerable and embarrassed. It can be very nice to witness or to feel myself. Also the physical feeling of relief and warmth is very appealing.


Written by Laura McNairy

Laura is a freelance writer for TFLN. She likes to write about what she knows best — dating, sex, and being awkward, but usually in the opposite order. She is the Assistant Editor and videographer for Peach Fuzz, a sex-positive nudie magazine in ATX.