These 19 People Took Creepy to Another Level in Relationships

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Finding someone that'll call you their partner and like and love you is basically hitting the relationships jackpot. It's human nature to want to find someone that'll put up with all your weird quirks and still want to consistently hang out with you. How cool would that be? Plus, you get to have sex with said person with the option of cuddling afterwards.

Well, you've got to go through a couple frogs before you find your “the one” and that always sucks. You've built up this list of things that you can and cannot handle in another person and they probably have one also. When they don't meet the criteria, what do you do then?

Some people stay in the relationship because of the comfort of having someone that'll be by your side. But some times, these questionable partners do some really creepy things that can't be overlooked. These actions then seep into your thoughts and you can't help but think, “What the f*ck am I doing with this person?” When you do get to that point, there's only one logical thing to do: Get the f*ck outta there.

These 19 people took creepy AF to another level in their relationships:


I dated this real winner once. When I met him he lived in a house, had a job, and just seemed to be a stoner. By the end of our relationship, he was jobless, homeless, and had gone to jail “for my honor” or some creepy sh*t like that. He beat his roommate up with a lead pipe because he thought the guy had the hots for me or something. Anyways, the real creepy part comes after he got out of jail. He still thought we were together, and would go camp out in my backyard when I wasn't home and sleep there. As in, he would pester my roommates into letting him into the backyard and sleep there.


One of my ex girlfriends kept a logbook of every single text message I ever sent her. Not just the meaningful ones, but incredibly inane ones too. A whole book full of handwritten and dated notes like “Ok I'm on my way.”


I dated this girl for a couple weeks and it wasn't working out, just too different. I broke it off with her and she was cool with it. Ran into her and her parents at the local bowling alley and we all bowled together for a couple of hours. She started getting close to me like she wanted to get back together, but I told her no. So she walks up to her Mother and tells her I tried to rape her. Mom looks at me, looks at her and slapped her, not hard, but fairly solidly and tells her they are not going through “all that bullshit” again. Thankfully her parents knew she was nuts and had played the ‘rape-card' before on some other guy.


I tried to break up with this girl once and she started shrieking, then she pulled her fridge away from the wall, crawled behind the fridge, and loudly sobbed from behind it while I called my mom and waited for her to pick me up. (I was 15)

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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