These 19 People Took Creepy to Another Level in Relationships


I had an ex that would stare at the bedroom door for at least 5 mins everynight before we went to sleep. She would stand right in front of it, I asked her what she was doing and she said “oh, sorry just making sure it was locked”……creepy part, she never touched it, just stared.


I was studying for my law exams one year, and my bf (now ex) kept calling and texting, even though I was busy, and had told him I was studying. I went to bed, only to be woken in the early hours by my ex scratching the fly-screen of my window and whispering my name. He drove 40 mins to my house because he thought I was trying to dump him by not answering my phone… I told him to go home. And we broke up not long after.


Girlfriend broke up with me and then decided to circumvent me ignoring her by breaking into where I was staying while I was asleep


I caught my Ex hyperventilating into a pair of my soiled boxer briefs when she thought she was alone. It was creepy at the time but it led to some great kinky sex later on.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

Irvi Torremoro is an Austinite by way of Las Vegas. She's worked in various outlets in food & beverage and is now focused on writing, eating all the things, talking about Beyonce, and petting all the puppies. She runs, a lifestyle blog about people in the service industry.