These 21 Dudes Met the Scariest Dads Imaginable

Image via Teen
Image via Teen

Meeting the parents is always terrifying. You’re meeting the people that raised your SO, and you really REALLY want them to like you. But you’ll be on your best behavior, so really, what could go wrong? Well, a lot actually. We’ve all seen Meet the Parents, so we’re haunted by that terrible interaction. But it’s a movie, so it can’t really be like that, can it? YEAH, IT REALLY CAN.

And sure, moms can be scary, but straight up, it’s the dads you really have to worry about, especially if you’re meeting their daughter. Dads can be super protective of their “little girls” so they take the masochism father act to the next level.

Want examples of the worst possible scenarios? These 21 dudes have them. They met their gf’s dad, and it went hella wrong. From dads with superiority complexes, to dads with gun collections, if you have to deal with a dad like these guys, then we feel for you.

These 21 guys met their girlfriend’s dad and he was scary AF:


The dad was an ex army ranger. He made me do yard work while the girl stayed inside. He started a fire to burn trimmed tree branches and started the “so you like my daughter” speech. That was fun.


Was invited over to watch Pride and Prejudice with a girl I liked. We were about 19. She stayed with her dad. Met dad and he did typical dad things. Fast forward a few hours and we are in the dark living room on the couch watching the movie. Her legs were on my lap and I was rubbing them when I see a glint to my left by the hallway. Her dad is standing in his boxers holding a big kitchen knife. “Everything alright in there Jen?” “yeah dad” She didn’t even see him and never believed me when I told her what happened.


Girl’s father was in a wheel chair, but was built very well. He obviously lifted as much as he could from his confines. Girlfriend warned me he previously tried to break a guy’s hand upon meeting him and shaking his hand. So, I went to meet him. He stuck his hand out to shake mine. I didn’t hesitate; I shook his hand. He looked at his daughter as if to say “if you weren’t here, I’d totally snatch his hand off his wrist.” Then he started giving me “the talk” about dating his daughter. He ended it with telling me about his .45 in a shelf. I really, really wanted to answer with “this shelf, right next to me, but across the room from you?” but I decided against it. Apparently while we were out, her parents ransacked her bedroom and found our notes that we had written back and forth. I wrote words like “shit” and “ass,” so they forbade her from seeing me again.


The first time I was at my (now ex-) gf’s place, we each took a piece of fruit when she showed me around. When I finished my banana, I went to throw it away downstairs. Their garbage can was below the sink, so I bent down, and it made quite some noise when I opened it. From the other side of the room comes an angry “Hey hey! What do you think you’re doing there?!” As I stand up again I look into an angry dad and stumble “Uh … just throwing away my banana … ” Then he starts laughing “Oh, haha, I thought it was the dog going through the thrash, I couldn’t see you.”

Written by Alex Cogen

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