These 21 People Have Relationship-Destroying Sexual Secrets

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Is there anything your significant other doesn’t know about you? Maybe you used to shop lift, or you had a brief stint in jail. Or maybe you have a secret family somewhere that you don’t want them to know about.

A lot of people keep things from their SO, usually because they’re afraid if their partner found out their big dark secret, they’d leave them forever. They know their secret is a deal breaker, so why let their loved one know if they 100% foresee them running for the hills?

The following 21 people have a secret they don’t want their partner to know.. and it’s of the sexual nature. From gang bangs, to prostitutes, to some kinky AF BSDM, these people think their sexual past is raunchy enough to lose their partner forever. So what better way to get it off their chest than to tell us about it?

These 21 people don’t wait their SO to learn their sexual secrets:


My ex and I used to do online cam porn together. My SO knows that my ex did cam porn on her own to make money but she doesn’t know we started it together and it was my idea. As much fun as it was, it got too stressful trying to get coins or whatever and it would suck if you had trouble “performing” on cue…you know cause the internet is so nice and supportive.


I had a D/S relationship with a woman over 20 years older than me. We did cam shows, filmed ourselves in the act, posted photos, even went to a sex shop and performed in a booth for a few strangers and she did a cumwalk back to the car. It was the peak of my deviant sex life, but my current SO is far too vanilla to know about any of that.


That my ex was apparently a sex addict. She moved in with me while I was finishing college. She and I were FWB’s before she moved in, always thinking about making a go of it as a couple. The second day of her residency in my loft she crawled into my bed and started blowing me. We fucked nearly twice a day, nearly everyday for 2 years. Saturdays were our special day, for being naked all day, smoking a ton of pot and f*cking till we were too raw for anything more. Yeah, I think I will keep that one to myself.


I had a year long relationship with a man. Women don’t want bi men. Even though 95% of the people I’m attracted to are women.

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