These 29 People Admit Dark Secrets While Drunk


Friend got a handjob from a dude for lending him a dollar in 7th grade.


My father got wasted when my mom was in the hospital for surgery. It was pretty serious and we were all stressed out, so we all drank together one night. Eventually we started talking about my mom and her quirks. I asked him why she was always so forgiving and kind to my little sister, when she was so stern and by the books with me. My father told me that my mother had a child when she was 14, and this child was born on October 25. She gave this child up for adoption because she was young and unable to care for it. When my little sister was born, it was also on Oct. 25. This wrecked my Mom, and she thought it was God’s way of punishing her for abandoning a child. My mother refused to hold or look at my little sister for the first few months of her life because she couldn’t deal with her guilt and grief. Eventually she was able to reconcile with her past and come to accept my little sister. Now she treats my little sister with super kindness, etc, because of her guilt over the way she treated her in her first months of life. Since that night, my father and I have never again spoken of this, and my mother doesn’t know that I know.


Not the deepest perhaps, but funniest: Him – “You know, I got involved in a threesome once.” Me – “Really?” Him – “With two other guys.” Me – “Okey…” Him – “Yeah, I learned two things that time.” Me – “…” Him – “It hurts, and I’m not gay.”


My brother was a Army Ranger for 4 years and while shit faced drunk told me he had to fight child soldiers during his time in the Army.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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