These Are The Absolute Worst Pieces Of Advice People Have Ever Gotten


Mentioned in passing that my boyfriend suffered from a terrible charlie horse in the middle of the night. My bizarre, space cadet of a co-worker heard this and immediately interjected, frantically explaining that I needed to get him to a hospital because this was a surefire symptom of pregnancy. She also recommended that I call the news because my boyfriend is well… a man. I guess she thought history was about to go down.


Guy at my work once told me that as long as you didn’t physically block the exit, it wasn’t considered rape. I had just asked how to deal with my girlfriend who wasn’t upfront about her interests.


When my daughter was an infant, my wife couldn’t breastfeed and my daughter couldn’t digest formula very well, so I had to buy a special predigested formula for like $25/can I was at the cashier paying for the formula. The guy in front of me was gathering his things. He said to me, he says, “When my kids were babies, I wish I knew what I know now.” I was like, “What’s that? What do you know?” He says, “Babies don’t need formula. All they need is sugar water. All the rest is a scam.” I was like, “I’m so glad you didn’t know that back then.”


“Just listen to your academic advisor. They know what they’re doing.” Thousands of dollars added cost to education, an extra senior year, and a Withdrawal on record. Seriously, don’t be afraid to push back on your advisors if you’re concerned about what they say or do.


My high school guidance counselor said that I “wasn’t college material” and I took her advice and started the process of joining the marines with my friends (who were also told this). My Chemistry teacher at the time scheduled a substitute, personally drove me to a nearby college, and sat there with me while I spoke with admissions. Fast forward a few years. After receiving a Chemistry and Chemical Engineering dual degree and then going on to get a PhD in Chemical Engineering….I’d say that guidance counselor knew jack shit.

Written by Laura McNairy

Laura is a freelance writer for TFLN. She likes to write about what she knows best — dating, sex, and being awkward, but usually in the opposite order. She is the Assistant Editor and videographer for Peach Fuzz, a sex-positive nudie magazine in ATX.