These Attractive Criminals Took Sexy Mugshots That Made Them Famous

Image via Cosmo
Image via Cosmo

Getting arrested is definitely not an achievement. No one should be proud to go to jail, and a mugshot isn’t some badge of honor. That sh*t will be on your record, and then you have to pay mad dough to get outta that crap.

And if we’re talking mugshots, we can usually agree that they’re ugly AF. People often look sloppy, drugged up, and sad. The lighting is crap, and it’s just not the best setting if you want to look your best.

Yet, somehow, there are criminals out there that take hella sexy mugshots, and they end up going viral for their hotness. Some of these people just amass a major following of people that would bail them out any day. Others actually end up famous, and even get modeling contracts from their mugshots. Yeah, that has happened.

These criminals took super hot mugshots & ended up famous:

Gabrielle Hill was arrested for drug possession. But the bigger story? How smoking hot she is.

Written by Alex Cogen

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