These People Asked Inappropriate Questions That You’ve Always Wanted To Ask


Living in an area with a huge Indian population I had asked a girl this once as a kid. She said her family calls it an “outing” and it’s something between quality time with the family, and you know, actually getting some shopping done. I’m not sure how accurate this is for everyone but the answer made sense to me at the time.


You don’t really notice at first, just one day you look in the mirror and go “oh my…I should probably be wearing a bra.” Then you get your first one and it’s annoying because it feels like an undershirt that’s impossible to pull all the way down. Slowly you get used to it and then you just keep sizing up as you grow out of them.


Haha! Sort of. I could suddenly take a deep breath again, which was pleasant, and felt lighter and like I could bend in the middle again.


Montgomery glands. They secrete oil to lube up the nip and sometimes the oil has a sweaty scent/taste which is intended to lead a feeding baby to the nipple.

Written by Laura McNairy

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