These 21 People Dated A Twin And It Got Messy

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TWINS BASIL, TWINS. Don’t we all just want to bang some twins? It’s a common fantasy for a reason, right? Not just one hot person, but TWO. JACKPOT!

But it’s not that easy to make that dream a reality, and so people end up dating just one twin (because that is what’s normal). And it’s better that way. But surely it sucks to be a twin sometimes, because although you have an awesome friend around that you’re close with, you’re constantly being compared to them, & occasionally have to worry about anyone you date wanting your twin as well.

So if you date someone that’s a twin, you have a new set of concerns other people in relationships don’t have to worry about. Am I smacking the right twin’s ass right now? Why am I more attracted to the other twin? And so on. So as long as you get past those minor hurdles, you’re bound to have a normal relationship. Well, as normal as any relationship can be. But just be careful not to commit any dating-a-twin faux pas, like sleeping with their twin or being a slimy POS.

These 21 people dated a twin and it got messy:


I was fucking this guy who was a twin and one night we were drunk and his brother asked how he was doing and I said it wasn’t the best. Then he said he’d show his brother how it was done and we had a sex-education type lesson. It was awesome, and his brother got a lot better.


My parents met because my dad went up to my mom, grabbed her ass, and said “last night was fun…” – turns out my (party animal) aunt had been at a party and boned my dad the night before. My (extremely prim and proper) mother was mortified and ran away. My dad saw my aunt again later and was like “what was THAT this morning?” and my aunt had to explain. He later saw my mom and apologized and about 5 years later they ran into each other again and he made sure he knew which one she was when they started talking. Dad and aunt now hate each other.


The person who was my first kiss later ended up taking my twin’s virginity.


I was talking to a twin and I asked her out to a movie date, she brought her twin and when we were chatting after the movie I realized I liked the other one’s personality better and dated her. It was a little awkward after that.

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