20 Things You Can’t Get Away With When You Have Big Boobs

Any girls who have a larger-than-normal chest knows that it's not all “fun and games and sexy selfies.”
While our girlfriends love to tell us they'd “give anything to have our chests,” we would do anything to get rid of them ASAP. Sure, having big boobs seems like it's an amazing asset, but in reality, it's a pain in the a** in the worst way possible. It makes us look 10x bigger than we really are, shopping is mission impossible, and forget working out.

1. You cannot leave the house without a bra on–ever–unless you want to look like a saggy, slob kabob.

2. You can't buy a bra at just any store–especially on sale. You have to go to specific places you know you fit into.

3. And, you can't get super cute, lacey, sexy bras. Nope, they never make them in our size.

4. You can't buy dresses and tops online, because you're not sure if your girls will fit into them.

5. You can't buy bathing suits that come as a matching set. You need the mix and match section ASAP.

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6. You can't run without looking like a porn video shoot.

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7. And, you can't go to the gym in just one sports bra.

8. You cannot wear button down shirts without a button or five breaking after one or two wears.

9. All those cute bralettes that are wireless and sexy? Yeah, you can't even look at them.

10. You can never take your bra off without some crumbs falling out onto the floor.

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