21 Things Millennials Got Blamed For Killing In 2018

Every year, millennials get blamed for the demise of certain industries. The people doing the blaming act like millennials have tons of money, they’re just choosing not to spend it on stuff like houses because they’re too interested in buying fancy coffee and organic avocado toast.

That’s a fallacy, though, because the main reason millennials are not spending big bucks in the housing market is not that they don’t want to own homes, it’s just that they don’t have the money with which to do it. Hello. Thanks for ruining the economy, Boomers. (Oh, AND THE ENTIRE EARTH, TOO.)

But that doesn’t stop the endless articles about what industry or product millennials have killed this week. And since it’s nearly the end of 2018, we thought we’d put together a list of allllllll the things that millennials have been accused of murdering this year. (And, if we’re going to blame millennials for everything, we should at least note that some of the things they’re supposedly ruining are bad things, so good for them.)

1. Print media

2. Porn

3. Stoves

4. Credit cards

5. Mayonnaise

6. American cheese

7. Beer

8. Exorcisms

9. Voting lines

10. Napkins