Things The Opposite Sex Just Doesn’t Understand

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Image via Giphy

Although we’d all like to think we are all knowing, and perfectly understand the opposite sex, it’s pretty clear sometimes that we don’t know sh*t. Fake it till you make it though, right?

But seriously, guys, do you really understand what it’s like to be on your period? Of course you don’t! And you never will. Ladies, do you know how hard it is to pee with a boner? Nah gurl, you know nothing.

So how do we fully comprehend the opposite sex? Honestly, we probably never will. But a step to get you halfway there? Read the following confessions. These people admit what they think the opposite sex needs to know about them. Hey, perhaps knowing these things will end up being super beneficial. So take notes!

The opposite sex just doesn’t seem to understand the following things:


That when I scratch myself or re-adjust my junk I’m not doing it for pleasure.


Alcohol tolerance; it’s great that you can drink 8 beers in an hour or two and still be fully functional but if I’m 75+ pounds lighter than you, it’s not unreasonable that I’m going to be buzzed after a couple. I don’t always want another drink immediately after I finish the previous; I’m not trying to die or hate myself in the morning.


Guys like compliments too. Seriously ladies, you have no idea how huge of a boost it is to a guy’s self esteem to hear a woman tell him he’s attractive, or dresses well, or has nice eyes, etc. For me personally, they’re so few and far between, and had such a big impact, that I can still remember individual compliments from years ago.


If I don’t get an erection, it doesn’t always mean I don’t want to have sex. Vice versa.

Written by Alex Cogen

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