15 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Despise Physical Contact

For some reason, people absolutely love to be “touchy-feely.” No matter how many times you try to stop them, ask them not to touch you, or avoid people altogether, it's impossible to stop people from hugging you and even stroking you. *Shudders* If you're like me, and you hate human contact altogether, you'll know that trying to avoid it is almost a job.

1. You are constantly angry while out in public because no one understands “personal space.”

2. You despise the holidays and family events because you know your family will make you “hug and kiss” literally everyone.

3. You don't understand why everyone wants to hug and give “cheek kisses” every single time you see them.

4. When people touch your hair or your clothing when complimenting you, it's like the absolute f**king worst.

5. Or, when people tap you to get your attention. Gagging.

6. You constantly carry around hand sanitizer because who knows where people's hands have been.

7. Everyone you know says you're a “cold” person.

8. But you're really not a cold person at all.

9. You just think human beings are annoying and don't understand the idea of consent.

10. When guys try to dance with you at bars and clubs, you always have your fists in a ball ready to battle.

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