This Guy Was Dating 7 Girls At Once And Got Caught In An Epic Way

Image via PopKey
Image via PopKey

Texting has the power to make or break a relationship. And emphasis on BREAK when you are a complete moron. Take this guy, Nathan, for example. He made a MAJOR rookie mistake when it comes to juggling or trying to woo multiple people.

Nathan, bless his heart, messaged 7 women IN THE SAME FREAKING MESSAGE. And, as you’d expect, it didn’t go well. These girls were understandably shook. But they weren’t angry. On the contrary, they thought it was HILARIOUS. They definitely poked fun at his expense, and he surely regretted his mistake.

So enjoy the following interaction between Nathan and the girls he messaged. They are total queens and if this ever happens to you, definitely follow suit. Nathan, if you’re reading this, maybe don’t contact these girls in the future. They ain’t about that D.

This is how that interaction went down:

So first, this dummie sent a classic “hey beautiful :)” message to not one chick, BUT 7. Like dude, ever heard of copy and paste?

At first their reaction was probably:

With a side of:

And then something like:


Written by Alex Cogen

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