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Tide Detergent Is Now Packaged Like Boxed Wine And I Think You Know Where This Is Going

A year after the utterly insane Tide Pod eating trend went viral, Procter & Gamble (Tide’s parent company) has announced that it will be shipping Tide laundry detergent products in an eco-friendly cardboard box that has a twist-open spout. The internet was quick to point out, however, that the packaging closely resembles that of Franzia’s boxed wines—you know, the ones we used to drink like water in college—and we have to agree.

On Friday, Tide’s parent company Procter & Gamble debuted their new eco-friendly packaging for the popular detergent brand.

According to CNN, the new box uses 60% less plastic than a typical bottle of detergent making it lighter and smaller which saves P&G money on shipping costs.

While we can commend P&G on their efforts to help the environment, we can’t deny that this packaging resembles that of another boxed product—one that’s consumable.

Twitter user @jon2bad made the connection right away—Franzia boxed wine, but for laundry detergent and NOT at all drinkable. Seriously, don’t drink it.

After the whole Tide Pod fiasco, people are baffled as to why the company would make their product seem even more enticing to consume.

But really, why?

Some even joked about the product’s convenience and marketability as boxed detergent wine.

Seriously, don’t drink it. Go to your nearest gas station and buy some actual Franzia.

While others made dangerous dinner pairings.

Do NOT eat, I repeat DO NOT EAT.

And one Twitter user gave his own tasting notes.

Another even speculated what the future of Tide packaging will look like.

Not to mention, someone already started a new challenge hashtag.


For real, though please don’t drink this just enjoy Twitter’s mocking and go buy yourself some real Franzia.