17 Trader Joe’s Deals You Can’t Afford To Sleep On

Ok so here’s the thing – the following Trader Joe’s products are more expensive on Amazon than they are in store. But SOME OF US don’t live anywhere near a Trader Joe’s. Some of us have only stepped inside that wonderland of delicious frozen foods and aisles of plentiful snacks merely once or twice in our existence.

If you are a member of this latter group (or are just too lazy to battle the never-ending lines at every TJ’s, ever) stock up on these perfect products through Amazon, instead:

17. Everything but the Bagel seasoning blend:

Promising review: “Why have I never picked this up before? SO GOOD. I can see this seasoning being good on dang near anything, but my current favorite is cucumber slices topped with Laughing Cow asiago cheese + this seasoning. Mind blown.” – Amy

Get it on Amazon for $6.87.

16. Organic Stone Ground Blue Corn Tortilla Chips (2-Pack!):

Promising review: “I live 5 hours away from a store & loved these so much the last time we drove & stocked up.” – Denise

Get a two-pack on Amazon for $12.99.

15. Speculoos Cookie Butter:

Promising review: “Good god. This is life ruining. Want to get addicted to something? No? Don’t buy this.” – Maxgigify

Get it on Amazon for $11.48.

14. Spa Face Wash with Tea Tree Oil:

Promising review: “Bought this face wash as a remedy for adult acne which erupted without notice. At first, it tingled. Then when I put moisturizer on after cleansing, it felt very strange, a bit of stinging and I was worried. I for sure thought it was not agreeing with me, too extreme for my sensitive skin and I would have to return or toss it out. But I kept up with it, because I know the goodness of tea tree & it could have been my moisturizer doing that or the water was too hot… I’m so glad I did. My skin is clear, soft, and smooth. My pores are clean and greatly reduced in size. I think my skin needed a minute to adjust -its awesome and I will be buying it again and again. I love it.” – Adam

Get it on Amazon for $12.80.

13. Meyer Lemon Cookies:

Promising review: “These cookies are sooooo good. They are thin, crunchy and have a wonderful lemon flavor. I had to force myself to put them away before I inhaled the entire package. They are going to become my go to cookie. I am hiding them from my husband (he doesn’t need to know about them).” – C. L. Owens

Get it on Amazon for $8.94.

12. BBQ Rub and Seasoning with Coffee & Garlic (2-Pack!):

Promising review: “O. M. Goodness! I have used this as a rub and as a seasoning! A little goes a loooooong way!! I will NEVER use any other ever! Tastes like the steak or chops came from a top of the line restaurant!!!” – Gypsy

Get a pack of 2 on Amazon for $15.45.

11. Giant Peruvian Inca Corn:

Promising review: “Not your typical corn nuts.. These are “airy” and nothing like (in our opinion) the other corn nuts out there. These are what we call steroidal in size and really enjoyable to eat alone or in salads, soups and stews.” – Jackie Hebert

Get it on Amazon for $6.99.

10. Thai Lime and Chili Cashews:

Promising review: “Best tasting cashews ever! I guarantee you’d love them. Trust me, you cannot fail with these.” – The No. 3

Get it on Amazon for $14.69.

9. Triple Ginger Snaps:

Promising review: “Cookies arrived in good shape. The “triple” in these triple ginger snaps is what makes them better than even homemade cookies. After the crispy cookie melts in your mouth, there are little chunks of crystalized ginger that add a bit of kick. The price is a quite a bit more than in a TJ store, but I couldn’t find any ginger snap cookies at my local grocery.” – Cheery_Chickadee

Get them on Amazon for $10.99.

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