People Are Calling Bullsh*t On The Trend Of Coworkers Donating Their Vacation Time To New Moms

Baby showers are lovely because people are getting things they actually need for their new babies (and because sometimes there’s champagne). You can buy a stroller, or adorable outfits, or cute towels that turn a baby into a teddy bear, but the one thing you can’t buy is time.
And that’s too bad because it’s something all moms could really use.

But that’s changing now that some states are allowing employees to donate their paid vacation time to new moms so they can stay home longer with their wee babes.

Good Morning America wrote about the trend, to varying reactions. At first it seems like a really kind gesture — and don’t get me wrong, it is — but once you think about it a second longer, you realize that maybe the job should be providing good maternity (and paternity) leave to their employees, instead of having their other employees have to pool their time together.

People on Twitter couldn’t help but point this glaring error out.

Person after person tweeted about the real problem — the lack of maternity leave in the U.S. According to 2016 data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the United States is the only country among 41 industrialized nations that does not mandate paid maternity leave.

Others compared the U.S. to the rest of the world, a comparison in which the U.S. did not come out too favorably.

Some people shared stories of how quickly moms had to go back to work after giving birth.

This “trend” isn’t showing up everywhere yet, though. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2018 Employee Benefits Survey, (which GMA points out is not a scientific study), approximately 15 percent of U.S. employers currently allow their employees to donate their own paid time off to their colleagues.

h/t Good Morning America

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