Twitter Troll Gets ‘Murdered’ By Basic Facts About American History

Jacob Wohl is a notorious right-wing troll who has made wild accusations against Robert Mueller and who likes to call self-important press conferences where nothing happens. He’s a hardcore Trump supporter who also does this weird thing where he claims to overhear liberals in “hipster coffee shops” praising Trump.

Yeah, he’s an odd dude.

Like most trolls Wohl also likes to play fast and loose with the facts for propaganda purposes. Sadly for Wohl when he did so recently it did not end well for him.

When Wohl wrote a tweet claiming that the Second Amendment has prevented the U.S. government from behaving tyrannically or putting people into camps, he was met with a flamethrower of facts that burnt his assertions to the ground.

(Mikel Jollett)

It was Twitter user Qasim Rashid, Esq. who fired the fact cannon, reminding Wohl of America’s dark history of Japanese internment, Native American genocide, the prison industrial complex, and, uh, slavery.

1. The exchange was highlighted by @Mikel_Jollett who accurately dubbed the interaction a “murder” by Twitter standards.

2. Outspoken progressive and comedian Patton Oswalt was also shocked by the virtual assassination. The facts came in hard and they didn’t relent until Wohl’s assertions were deceased.

3. Commenters were in disbelief at the sheer ignorance on display.





8. The roasting was so thorough people were actually worried about the severity of Jacob’s Twitter burns.



Written by Stefan Sirucek

Writer and middle school limbo champ.

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