22 Incredibly Useful Products That’ll Make Your Life So Much Easier

10. A dish squeegee that wipes off the toughest messes without scratching your dishes.

Encouraging Review: “Very happy with this product! Works great for scraping food off of dishes and has already saved a bunch of water due to less rinsing.” – Adam

Get it on Amazon for $4.99

9. A bottle of liquid peel off tape for the perfect at-home manicure.

Encouraging Review: “Thank goodness for this product! Now I can do my own nails without too much trouble.” – Brenda Carrel

Get it on Amazon for $3.49

8. This felt bedside caddy where you can keep all of your before-bed necessities.

Encouraging Review: “This is one of the greatest inventions ever. I sleep in a bed that is pushed against a corner so there is only room for a bedside table for one person. The other person (me) gets shafted. So this thing is perfect. I can put in glasses, my phone to charge, a remote control, and a reading book. It is really such an easy and clever solution to my problem.” – Rennie

Get it on Amazon for $8.99

7. A shower step that will make shaving your legs infinitely more comfortable.

Elevease Shower Step The Number 1 Shower Foot Rest for Shaving Legs, Tanning and Exfoliatin, Simple No Tools Install

Encouraging Review: “Should have bought this sooner. I have a shower only, no tub. This is much easier than bending all the way over to shave your legs.” – Susan A Radtke

Get it on Amazon for $34.99

6. This complete roadside emergency kit that you’d never want to be caught without.

Encouraging Review: “I’ve purchased 2 of these for my daughters as they recently took cars to college. The kit contains a reasonably complete set of decent quality materials needed for a roadside emergency. I supplemented the kit with 50′ of paracord, 2 heavy duty garbage bags, 6-in-1 screwdriver, 4-in-1 mini screwdriver, a small roll of duct tape, and a LED headlamp. The multi-tool was too flimsy for my liking, so replaced it with a Stanley multi-tool.” – T. Briggs

Get it on Amazon for $41.99

5. This super cozy electric blanket that plugs right into your car and keeps you warm on long winter drives.

Encouraging Review: “I love this blanket and it keeps my legs from going numb on cold winter mornings. There is only one setting so you can’t adjust the heat. I would buy it again!” – Rhonda Bryant

Get it on Amazon for $21.07

4. A little butter saver that’ll keep your fridge clean while also preserving your butter after every use.

Encouraging Review: “Fits perfectly, which is really all you need it to do. I’m sure some material out there cleans a little bit easier than rubber, but I believe that it might make things difficult for, say, a hard plastic cover if one were trying to use it to cover a stick of butter that was awkwardly cut, or that had melted a bit.” – PristPen

Get it on Amazon for $6.99

3. An outlet cover with built-in LED nightlights to make those midnight kitchen runs less dangerous.

Encouraging Review: “Love the light looks great at night.” –  Maryellen Comtois

Get it on Amazon for $14.00

2. These oil-free eye makeup correctors that’ll help you get that perfect eyeliner wing.

Andrea Eye Q's Oil-Free Make-Up Correctors 50 Pre-Moistened Swabs

Encouraging Review: “These are the absolute best for cleaning up little spots under your lashes where the mascara gets when applying it.” – Leath Claeson

Get it on Amazon for $4.08

1. A pair of cut-resistant gloves that’ll save your fingers from clumsiness.

Encouraging Review: “Use these with my mandolin and feel much more secure. These are very flexible making it easy to handle the mandolin, grater or whatever.” – M. Gail Davis

Get it on Amazon for $10.45 (20% off)

These products are all a “Yes” for me.

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