Wendy’s Is Roasting Everyone On Twitter And Hooter’s Got Burned The Worst

If you’re an avid Twitter user, you’d know that Wendy’s always has the most savage Twitter feed known to social media. The person (or people) who run their Twitter account have no problem scolding everyone and their mothers. In fact, Wendy’s has been known to burn people so bad online, that they dedicated Friday to #NationalRoastDay, where they literally went out of their way to roast anyone who asked for it.

Companies, individuals, and brands began pouring into their Twitter mentions, begging the company to roast them—thinking, of course, it would be weak. But, nope—Wendy’s delivered, as they always do (especially with their nuggs).

Butterfinger got in the mix.

Company Spalding got handed one too.

Ore-Ida Potatoes got served.

i99 Radio…ouch.

This is just…savage.

Corn Nuts…RIP!





See ya.

A whole mood.

But, the best of all…

Thank you Wendy’s, you never (I mean never) disappoint.


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