12 Men On What Happened When Their Fiancées’ Parents Refused To Give Their Blessing

3. u/Blurryblanket has some persistent relatives:

My great-grandfather announced his intention to marry my great-grandmother to her parents as he walked through the front door, the first time he met them.

His future father in law laughed and literally kicked him out the open front door.

My Great Grandfather just kept coming back to their house and pretty much harassed them until his future father in law got too annoyed and just gave up.

2. u/Tomador's future father-in-law didn't say no, but he did blow the surprise:

My partner's father didn’t say no. He immediately called her and asked, “What should I say?”

Completely ruined the surprise. Dick.

1. georgemarvin2012 didn't give a f**k when he didn't get the blessing:

Rode to the courthouse. Got married. We had already been living together for 4 years, so we figured it was really none of her business anyway.

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