Wine Out Of A Can Is The New Way To Make Summer Last Forever

When you’re growing up, wine seems like the alcoholic beverage of sophisticates. It’s the kind of drink you can only have at parties where it’s safe to have a glass out, which was not true of any party I went to in college or my early twenties. No long stem crystal goblets for us. No smashable bottles that cost far more than a six pack. Perhaps some day, when I’m a real adult I can drink wine at a party, one where everyone is talking about the latest New Yorker cartoon, but not now.

I have great news for the youths: wine is now available in a can. Yes, you can sneak in wine in your pocket or bag to movie theaters, drink it in the park, and even take it to a frat party, where you can then crush that empty can on your forehead. Finally, the winemakers of the world are catching up with people’s real needs. There are now enough cans of wine brands out there to make a shopping guide necessary. So here it is. Happy sipping.


Underwood bottles wine, but they also have cans of pinot noir, pinot gris, and rosé available. this is my absolute favorite of the canned wines. It usually runs between six and eight dollars at most stores. More expensive than a beer, but remember that 375 ml is more than 12 ounces. Most restaurants pour glass of wine that are only four ounces. That’s a freaking steal.


Barefoot Wine

If you want something bubbly and fruit forward, look no further than Barefoot wines. I don’t want to be rude, but I wouldn’t drink Barefoot out of a bottle. However, I can see the appeal of these flavorful wine spritzers when you want something light. There is also the built in aspect of portion control. One is probably the most I could take.

Sofia Blanc de Blanc

Coppola Wine

This is a wine from the vineyard of Francis Ford Coppola, and yes, it is named after his daughter, director Sofia Coppola. After a few of these, expect some dreamy Lost In Translation-style adventures. It even comes with a bendy straw, to make the sipping that much more easy.

The Pinot Project

The Pinot Project

Recommended by VinePair, this wine is extremely strong. Their pinot noir is 13.5% alcohol per volume. Take that, Four Loko. It’s also pretty delicious, and served in slightly smaller portions than the Underwood cans, if you’re trying to protect yourself. From yourself.

House Wine

House Wine

Ordinarily, asking for the house wine means something low cost and low quality. The makers of this canned wine likely adopted that name as a joke, because it’s tasty. And affordable! Plus, their bubbly rosé come sin a beautiful rainbow can. Not great for being discreet, but very pleasing to the eye.

Cycles Gladiator

Speaking of beautiful cans, this Cycles Gladiator can has both gorgeous design and extremely high quality wine. A pinot noir is good for moving from summer to fall, then eventually to winter, and finally, back to spring and summer again! With wine in a can, you can drink all year long without a sip of hops passing your lips.

This is the adulthood I dreamed of, and it’s finally here.