Woman Dumps Her Husband After Seeing The View From Her Bedroom Window On Some Chick’s Instagram

“I loved this phrase about being mentally faithful,” said Yulia, before revealing she had contacted all his other lovers and admitting they had been far nicer humans than Abramovich. “The other girls were much more pleasant, one even crying on the phone to me, saying she had no idea he was married,” she said. “So he was successful in his sorcery.”

When asked about her next move, Yulia said she was not sticking around: “It will be divorce. I hope to do it quickly… such people never change,” she said. “If he finds a woman who is ready to be with him, and to accept it, let them be happy together. I’m so glad I got to know about it now and not when I became pregnant, for example, because we were planning to have a family. Or when I was 40, and we have three kids.” Talk about glass half full.

Another good thing that came out of this awful situation: Yulia revealed that her story had inspired many other chagrined women to leave their cheating partners. “Many women supported me, posting that they were proud of my bravery, that I openly discussed it with irony and sarcasm, so now they are ready to get rid of their unfaithful men too,” she said.

She ended this rollercoaster of a story by saying “Thank you, Vlada Abramovich – you are an experienced woman who taught me a good lesson.”

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