Woman Flies Cross-Country To Profess Her Love To Her Best Friend, Leaves Her Story On A Barf Bag

Everyone knows that when you’re nervous and under pressure, the best way to cope is to ease your mind. For some, it’s completely forgetting the situation that’s causing your nerves. But, for others, venting and talking about your stress can make you feel a bit better. Personally, I word-vomit all over everyone I know and love when I’m feeling nervous. I talk 15 words per second and can’t seem to catch my breath. It’s one of those things that if you say it, or get it out there, it’s no longer sitting on your chest like a heavyweight.

Recently, Andrea was on a flight from Miami to Washington D.C. to profess her love to her best friend, who was flying into D.C. from New Orleans. Andrea decided to write her hopelessly romantic gesture on a barf bag on her flight because her WiFi wasn’t working and she just had to get it out there. Another passenger on the flight ended up finding the bag with the epic love story written down, and shared it on Reddit, hoping it would go viral and someone would send it to Andrea—filling us all in on the ending.



For those who can’t read Andrea’s handwriting, here’s what her barf bag reads:

Obviously, this is incredibly romantic and sweet—and, we’re dying to know what happened, as is the rest of the Internet. People on Reddit began searching far and wide for any information to find her and finish the story.

Andrea, if you’re reading this—let us know!

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