Woman’s Co-Worker Tries To Make A Move On Her By Fabricating A Story That’ll Make Your Blood Boil

We’ve all been in a situation where a co-worker is interested in us in a romantic way, but we just don’t return the same feelings.
For many, rejection can be pretty hard to swallow, so they decide to make themselves feel better by lying or hurting us–both of which are wrong. But, lying about someone’s significant other to turn them against their partner, well, that’s just f**ked up. One Imgur user shared the text message thread between his girlfriend and her and a co-worker–and it’ll make your blood boil.

It started off rather casually…

But, then it took a turn where Michael began telling her that her boyfriend, Jimmy, was out the night before. He tries to spin it, however, in a way that makes him seem like the “good guy.”

And, then he claims he saw Jimmy making out with another girl at a bar–already knowing that the girl was not with her boyfriend the night before (from stalking her Facebook page). The girl wasn’t buying Michael’s story.

She tried to shut him down completely, but Michael was persistent.

And, for proof, the girl ended up calling Jimmy’s mom and sister. It turns out, Jimmy was with his family the entire day.

And then, she shut him down hard.

It just goes to show you–if you’re interested in a woman who has a boyfriend (or a guy who has a girlfriend, or a guy who has a boyfriend, etc. etc.), do not go after them. Don’t lie about their significant other to turn them against each other so they will inevitably break up. Don’t try and get them to flirt with you and cheat. Just, respect other people and their relationships.