Women Confess The Weirdest Things Men Wanted From Them

Image via Gfycat
Image via Gfycat

We live in a world where men expect things from women. It's pretty clear, especially these days, when sh*t is out in the open and all over the news. There are countless stories out there that haven't yet be told, and although the following tales are weird, these won't be those kinds of f*cked up stories.

The following women have been asked to do the strangest things by men. We aren't telling stories about sexual assault here, just stories of creepy dudes who want to get off in odd ways. None of these women had sexual acts forced upon them. Thankfully, all of these men asked to do these things, and didn't just do them without consent. And all of these women were like HELL NO and said BOY BYE.

Still… these are are weird AF requests. From asking someone to wear stilettos and step on their balls, to asking someone if she would wear swim goggles so he could cum in them, these are some of the strangest requests EVER.

Ladies, when a dude asks you to do something hella strange, no matter what the setting, you always have the option to say no and run for the hills. Unless you're into this sort of thing then… you do you.

These women confess the strangest things men have asked them to do:


Freshman year in college a floor mate asked me to poo on a glass platter with him directly under the platter. He wanted to watch my sphincter pucker and release… 30 years later I still remember that moment. Being floor mates I knew him to be odd and patted him on the back and said politely “Pass”.


When I was on Tinder for a brief period a couple of years ago, I got asked by three guys, consecutively, to piss on them. I get that it's a thing but… three guys in a row is interesting.


There's a Craigslist ad in my area. Man seeking female housemate, free rent, just one ‘strange' request. Two of my female friends (months apart) responded to the ad wondering what the one catch/request is. Dude wanted his female housemate to fart directly in his face on the daily.


I was walking home one day after university. I had to walk past a shopping centre and a few homes. In-between the shopping centre and homes there's a path. Some guy was standing there and approached me. Then he asked, “Can I follow you home”? He was like a polite stalker. I declined his request.

Written by Alex Cogen

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