People Are Sharing Their Worst-Ever Proposal Stories

Who doesn’t love a proposal story? Good or bad, they are a fascinating read.

Earlier this week, Reddit user Champagne_tatertots asked, “What’s the worst marriage proposal story you’ve ever heard?” The answers spanned a wide, wide range of bad-but-cute to awkward to second-hand-cyber-cringe.

Sometimes, a “worst marriage proposal” can be fodder for cute stories to tell the grandkids. But only sometimes.

20. A power move:

My boyfriend’s parents’ story…one day my bf’s mom and her mom decided to go buy a wedding dress. Later that day, she said to my bf’s dad “guess what I bought today” and showed him. Then he said “well I guess I better tell my mother we’re getting married”. Married for…over 35 years now.

19. A pothead or two:

Before we were married my wife had a friend who had a boyfriend and they were both those types that are weirdly into weed. Look, I got no problem with weed.

I’ve smoked a little myself in my day. But these were the “wear pot leaf themed clothing, get a pot leaf tattoo, have more money invested in weed paraphernalia than anything else” types.

They got engaged when he wrote “Will you marry me” on the inside of a rolling paper and asked her to roll him a blunt while we were at a bonfire. She said yes, then they smoked it together to celebrate.

18. A memorable story:

My husband proposed by saying “We should probably just get married, huh?” He denies that’s how he asked, but it’s not the kind of thing that a woman forgets. We’ve been happily married almost 8 years now.

17. A disaster:

My wife’s friend was proposed to by her boyfriend (at the time) at her grandmother’s grave. Her grandmother recently passed, and they were there to put flowers on it, and he proposed. On Christmas eve. I cringe every time I am forced to remember this happened.

16. A fastball:

My dad walked through the living room and tossed a ring at my mom. 27 years married btw.

15. A forgetful jeweler:

This is the story of my parents‘ engagement as well. My dad just said, “Here.” and went off to his college basketball practice afterwards. Best part of the story is when my mom opened the box there wasn’t even a ring inside. She asked him if this was a joke. Jewellers forgot to put the ring in the box.

14. A bizarre series of requests:

I’m on good terms with one of my ex-girlfriends, so I got to hear this story of how her husband proposed to her:

They were sitting around their apartment one day and he asks her, “hey, can you get my phone from the bedroom?” Okay, she gets his phone for him. A minute passes. “Hey, can you get me a glass of water?” She gets him a glass of water. Another minute passes. “Hey, can you bring me that pair of socks on top of my dresser?” She gets the socks. The ring is in the socks. He proposes.

He actually thought he was being romantic. She thought it was weird as f*ck. Even weirder, she said yes, and they’ve been married for more than ten years.

13. A grocery steal:

My parents. They were in the produce section of a grocery store when my dad says “all our friends are getting married we should too”. My mom thinking he was joking just said yea and moved on with shopping.

A couple days later she got to thinking about it and with the serious way he said it had her confused. She goes to him and asks if it was a serious question or if he really was just kidding around. He responds with “well yea I thought we were engaged now.”

34 years later and they’re still married.

12. A (silly) goose:

Not bad, just so so silly, and it’s all mine. My husband and I had gone to our favorite lake, and he was beyond nervous. I knew it was coming because he’s just not able to surprise me lol. So we get to our spot, and he just stands there shivering with me on his arm, looking over the lake and watching a pair of geese mosey around near us.

Eventually, he asked me if he should pick up a stick that was laying nearby to throw at the geese. My “wtf no?!” shriek startled the geese to go into the water and lazily swim away. After a few more minutes, he stuttered, “so.. uhh, you wanna marry me?”

I knew it was coming, but still my mind went blank, and I replied after staring at him for a minute, “well duh”. So we’re definitely meant for each other! He later told me the suggested goose assault was his panicked minds’ idea to get him on his knee.

What a goof, he didn’t have a ring and that just wasn’t our style anyway. We were together 6 years at the time and had been discussing marriage for a while, so his fear was pretty unfounded lol Married 2 years now, he’s my forever person, and now I subconsciously associate geese with romance ? ❤

11. A…surprise?

My buddy’s girlfriend kept telling him that he couldn’t surprise her. After college, they were planning to move together to another town. About 6 months before graduation, he told her he wasn’t sure about the move or their relationship. She turned around to cry. He called her name, and when she turned back, he was on one knee. Did it to surprise her.

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