The Worst Santa’s Lap Photos to Ruin Your Christmas

Image via Tenor
Image via Tenor

As a child, Santa's is the most sacred of laps. You get on there, tell him your little hearts desire, and supposedly he delivers. It feels like magic, and you don't realize you're sitting on a potentially creepy dudes lap. That just doesn't cross your mind when you're little.

But few adults in their right minds would sit on Santa's lap. It just seems weird, especially since you are well aware he can't grant sh*t. But when we have kids, we'll let them do it, because it's a time honored tradition, and those little humans love it.

Well, you might feel differently once you look at the following images. These are instances when things don't go exactly as you had hoped. Santa is a creepy mofo, or your kids are just really not into it, and it's almost painful to look at. If my future kids ever have a Santa photo like this, I will burn that thing and pretend it never happened, because it will haunt my dreams.

These photos of people on Santa's lap will definitely put a damper on your Christmas:





Written by Alex Cogen

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