A Guy With A Wrong Number Got Taken For A Wild Ride On The Troll Train

Beware, folks who randomly text women they’re trying to hook up with. Unless you she offered her number to you with zero urging on your part, you may be about to text her “escape” number. This is the number women give to men to escape their attentions. Could be random, could be her handy fake number she’s memorized, but she will definitely not be on the other end of it. Harsh lesson to learn, but it might keep something like this from happening to you: getting trolled by a guy willing to shave his leg for a joke.

Imgur user Penguillion posted a long text exchange he had with a man named Jon looking for a woman named Lynn. It’s not clear how Jon got this number or whether Lynn gave him an “escape” number. It is very clear that Penguillion had a free night. He ran a bath, shaved his leg, and took Jon for a ride on the troll train. It went so far, I’m kind of wondering is Penguillion maybe trolled himself a little, too? Like, this is ridiculous:

The exchange ends there for us, but I like to think that these two ended up resolving their differences and going out for a drink. They’re both so deeply invested, it seems like there’s potential for a friendship here.