Posted on: Jul 29 2017

The 31 Most Ridiculous School Rules Students Were Forced to Follow



Image via Giphy
Image via Giphy

Every school has rules. There are the standard dress codes, and ways you’re supposed to behave. Don’t be late, don’t run in the hallways, don’t curse at your teacher, don’t beat people up.. you know, normal stuff.

Well, some schools go WAY too far with their rules. They go power mad, or are just overly cautious, and make rules that no sane person would ask of people in a school setting. Like, telling boys they can’t go to the bathroom in the afternoon…. WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. F*CK. Let people pee whenever they have to f*cking pee.

These 31 schools had some of the dumbest rules imaginable. And I thought the skirt hem and tank top rules were dumb back in the day, these ones blow those out of the damn water. Like, if my school told me I couldn’t utter the word “boring” I’d be like “IS THIS REALLY YOUR BIGGEST CONCERN?!” God, I wouldn’t want to go back to school for anything in the world. But don’t worry kiddos, it gets better. Well… kind of.

These are the 31 most ridiculous school rules EVER:


If any of the guys tried to skip the showers, they had to show up after school for supervised “shower practice” with the gym teacher. As an adult, it sounds so much creepier now.


At my elementary school we had a rule that you could never wave to someone. The only thing you could do was called “pinky waving.” Pinky waving is only waving to someone with your pinky finger, it got so frustrating because I would wave to friends and no one, and no one would see it. On top of that, you weren’t allowed to call someone’s name to get their attention.


In my primary school, there was a rule for a while that if one child wanted to go and use the bathroom, the entire class had to go with them. In the best cases, a single kid had the power to disrupt a particularly boring lesson so that everyone could get up and walk literally twenty metres to the toilet block. (Small school.) In the worst cases, kids would wet themselves in their chairs because they were too afraid and embarrassed to ask. I remember seeing a classmate get up out of their plastic chair and leave a puddle behind.


Wearing your tie with the front part more than about an inch longer than the thin part would get you a lunchtime detention. Wearing more than one tie at a time would get you an after-school detention, no questions asked.