11 Memes This New Dating App Is Using To Get Us All To Ditch Tinder

Thanks to The Inner Circle who sponsored this post! We were paid for our time, but our love of groundbreaking dating apps that protect and respect users is genuine.

Thanks to the Internet, it’s become unbelievably difficult to get people’s attention.

If you happen to work in marketing, getting people’s attention is your job 24/7/365. In the face of this fierce Internet-supercharged competition, we are now constantly bombarded by strange, desperate, and often straight-up, forehead-slappingly insane concepts gunning for our time and money and precious, precious data. Point is, the competition for your attention is fierce and getting fiercer.

Especially when it comes to dating apps.

We’ve been on the hunt for an electronic companion generator that isn’t just marketing BS. One that really attempts to break the mold and actually solves our big problems. So our ears perked right up when The Inner Circle reached out to us saying they could solve our dating app dilemma.

Our interest was even more piqued because they made their case through memes. Now, that’s our kind of marketing.

Need a little more convincing? The Inner Circle’s decidedly earnest and not-at-all insane marketing team has helpfully provided some choice memes to explain why you should click on one of the links in this article and check them out:

  1. Actually..don’t.


  2. Not even The Rock can protect you from Tinder trolls.

  3. Sad, but true.


  4. The story of how The Inner Circle got started. Probably.

  5. It’s important to choose an age-appropriate dating service.

  6. A diamond in the rough with every swipe.

  7. What’s the definition of insanity again?


  9. So like, in a way…conventional dating apps are…catfishing…US. Whoa. So meta.

  10. Listen to Meme Yoda: deep down you know it’s true. 

  11. It’s been an epic, snarky journey, but this one really ties it all together.


For the uninitiated, The Inner Circle has become well known for its more serious approach towards getting people to actually meet in real life, where they can’t bombard you with bad pickup lines or unsolicited pictures of their unfortunately shaped eggplants. The Inner Circle keeps it refreshingly classy at these exclusive, high-brow singles events: people actually have fun (!), speak in complete sentences to each other (!), always appear in ultra-high resolution, and never hang out in front of bathroom mirrors with seven other friends…with the flash on. If these invite-only IRL shindigs sound like parties you want to go to, you’re not alone: The Inner Circle has these cool single soireés all over the world on a regular basis, and they’re working. People just like you and me, looking to cut through the noise on conventional dating apps, are actually meeting up with legitimately cool, like-minded users.

If any or all of the tastefully curated memes in this article are even remotely relatable, it’s definitely time to up your dating app game and take a peek into the online–and offline–party that these guys are throwing.

You’ve been through a lot. You deserve this.

Download The Inner Circle (for free!) right here.