23 Absolutely Despicable Things People Have Done

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Imagine: you’re a little kid, it’s Christmas, and you got a bunch of presents. Next thing you know, your presents are being taken away to be returned, because the gift giver decided that they couldn’t afford to give gifts.

Sounds crazy, right? Who would do that to a child? Give them something only to take it away. Well, that wasn’t a made up tale, that sh*t actually happened. That would definitely have scarred me for life.

But it gets worse. You see, some people do such despicable things that you wouldn’t in your wildest dreams imagine. Like, a parent draining your bank account so that you end up without any money and kicked out of your apartment. YEAH, THAT HAPPENED TOO.

The following 23 people did the most despicable things imaginable. Whether it was done to family members, friends, or people in your community, these are just ridiculously horrible. Ya’ll just remember.. KARMA IS A BYOTCH.

These 23 people did absolutely despicable things:


The biggest dick move I have ever witnessed was at my friends birthday party (around 10 years old). His grandmother sent 10 $1 scratchies in the mail. The dick move being that she checked all the scratchies before sending them in case one had a big payout. I got to see his face drop as he opened the envelope to find 10 pre scratched, worthless scratchies.


A friend of mine worked on a cruise ship (as an entertainer) for six months. She didn’t need that much money on the ship but kept an apartment back in germany with the landlord getting regular standing order. When she came back home she couldn’t get her door open, called the landlord and he told her he had already thrown out all of her stuff because after one month of her cruise she didn’t pay the rent. Turns out her parents, who had access to her bank account in case of emergency took all the money (and she made a lot in those months on the ship) to pay the bills because their own salary had gone into two new cars. So basically she sat there without an apartment, without any friends in town, totally jetlagged and without a single Euro in her pockets.


My coworker had a son die very young, around 14. He got his son cremated and had him in a vase in his house with pictures etc. One day while he was breaking up with his, now ex, wife (not the child’s mom) he came home from work and the ashes were gone. He still has no idea where they are 5 years later. He assumes she threw them out 🙁


My ex mother in law gave my 3 kids gifts they loved at Christmas when they were small, 2 days later she came to the house packed EVERYTHING she got them into bags and took it all back to the stores because she was “broke”.

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