23 Concerns People Have When They’re About To Have Sex With Someone New

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Image via Giphy

Although having sex is amazing, the first time or couple times can be a little rough. It can be awkward because you really don’t know what to expect. And this doesn’t only pertain to your first time EVER, it applies to your first time with a new partner as well.

Think about it. Although you’ve possibly had sex countless times, you’ve never had sex with this person before. What if they judge you? What if they have an STD? There are so many concerns that are super reasonable to have when you are pounding some new meat.

Trust us, if you’ve had a sexual concern, someone has had the same one before. Just ask these 23 people. They share their biggest concerns when banging someone new for the first time, and they’re totally reasonable. Most people are self-conscious, and others are understandably worried about their partner turning out to be a POS. But once you get past that first hurdle, the rest should be a breeze. YAS SAX.

These 23 people express their concerns when they have sex with someone new:


How soon is too soon to bring up my fetishes? When do I tell him harder, no, harder, like really hard? When do I tell him “If you wanna slap my ass like it just sassed you…or pull my hair …or choke me…I’m not gonna say no.” I feel like that’s something you have to ease into, even though there’s nothing easy about the ish I like.


That the chemistry is off. Maybe you’re confident, but she’s too nervous to even move. Maybe you’re inexperienced but she’s experienced. Maybe you’re drunk but she’s not as drunk. When things start contrasting that’s when it doesn’t go smoothly and can feel awkward.


The fear that once I get naked there will be a noticeable look of disappointment in my partner.


That I’ll end up really liking them, and then they never call me again. If they ghost me before sex I don’t care, but after sex it’s a huge blow to the ego.

Written by Alex Cogen

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