25 Celebrities Were Completely Rude To Normal Folks

Image via Cleo
Image via Cleo

Imagine meeting a celebrity that you’ve been DYING to meet forever. You get the courage to walk up to them, and envision a perfect moment when they realize that you’re their biggest fan, and you deserve their respect. And then… they treat you like complete trash.

Not all celebrities are alike. Sure, some treat you with respect, but there are some out there that are entitled pieces of sh*t and think that normal folks are just the scum under their shoe. So when they interact with regular average Joes like us, they’re like “EW GET OUT OF MY FACE.”

Hopefully the celebs you’ve met have been nothing but nice to you, and you didn’t have to go through what these 25 people endured. They met celebrities are were treated like complete garbage. The celebs cut them inline, wouldn’t give them autographs, called them names, and even stole their girls. Want to know who did what? Read to find out.

These 25 celebs were completely rude to normal folks:


Vanilla Ice knocked a drink out of my wife’s hand once. She’s still pretty upset about it.


Ozzy Osbourne cut in front of me in line for Splash Mountain at Disney.


I was on the dressing room doors as security in the 02 arena in London whilst kiss was playing their last show, Gene simmons reported me to my supervisor because I had a small rip in my shirt and I got sent home with no pay for the day after already being there for 5 hours.


Not me but Bow Wow called one of my co workers a saggy ass bitch.

Written by Alex Cogen

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