27 Signs That Your Friend’s SO Has Got to Go

Image via Gurl
Image via Gurl

You always want what’s best for the people around you. Whether that be in their professional or personal lives, you always hope the people you care about are happy and healthy.

So when you see your friend or family member dating someone kind of iffy, you have to do a double take. There are clear signs someone isn’t a good fit, or even a good person, and sometimes it’s even easier to see that in someone elses relationship than it is to see it in your own.

So what if your friend is dating someone you don’t like, do you tell them? There is a difference between thinking someone is nothing special, versus thinking they are HORRIBLE. So if your friend is dating someone that really sucks, you have got to tell them.

The following 27 people realized their friend or family member was dating someone that really sucked. Whether the person was just dumb or insecure, or malicious or evil, they knew that it was time for their loved one to kick that person to the curb. So if someone you care about it dating a horrible person, tell them ASAP.

These 27 people realize their friend was dating a POS:


He constantly made fake social media accounts to try and get her to cheat on him.


My best friend dated a girl with literally no secrets from her parents. They knew everything, from when she masturbated to the condition of her bowel movements. Despite being in her mid-20’s, they had to chaperone literally everything. Every morning, her mother would join her in the (very small) bathroom to go over their days. The SO would handle her entire morning routine, showering, shaving, and shitting, with her mom within easy arm’s reach.


The wife went into labor at my house. It made sense for the her & her husband to stay until “go time.” That’s when my husband & I started noticing her husband’s strange behavior. He was a very charming guy & a very good father to his son, but he started making fun of his wife during contractions. He would roll his eyes & tell her to shut up if she even made the slightest groan. He joked that she was a p*ssy & was overreacting. The whole situation got so awkward that my husband insisted he go home to get their hospital bags, just to give the poor woman a break from her crappy husband. A few months after the birth of her second child, he hit his wife with his car while she physically tried to block him from leaving during an argument. He disappeared for days & didn’t come home until she proved to him that she hadn’t gone to the hospital or contacted the police.


He tried to feel me up at her birthday party. I tried to tell her, but she took his side. We’re no longer friends.

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