All Hail The Student Who Wrote This Hilarious Letter To A Soldier

Parents always talk about how their kids say the “darndest things” growing up, but no person understands the wild things that kids say more than a teacher. As a teacher myself, over the years I have received assignments, papers, and exit slips with not only awful grammar and spelling but ridiculous sentences and comments about everything from pizza, racism, and the President of the United States. Teaching is really a wild ride.

But, I haven’t seen anything quite as hilarious as a recent letter from a student to a soldier going viral online. Twitter user @__Hoggie shared the letter she had seen gaining traction on Facebook and reposted it to her Twitter timeline, thinking it was too good for Twitter to miss out on.

The letter, which was written in response to the assignment the teacher gave to her students to “write a letter to a soldier” is not only hysterical but so brutally honest that I want to find this kid and shake his hand. Also–I’m 99.9% sure this kid might be from Queens, New York because my students write their essays rather similarly.

I’m not sure what I love more–the fact that he started his letter calling the soldier “my G,” or, the fact that he signed the letter: “Sincerely ya boy.”

People on Twitter were impressed by how hood this kid truly is–and, laughing at the fact that he actually handed into his teacher like this.

Thank you to the teachers of America for assigning students meaningful assignments such as this–but, also, fostering their creativity and personality so that we the people of the Internet can get a great laugh out of it all.