23 Annoying Words We Should All Resolve To Stop Using In 2019

11. Extremely online

On the one hand, it is a very good descriptor of some people but on the other, get these words extremely offline, please.

12. Savage

People on the internet are always said to be getting dragged, or roasted, or, like, obliterated by one tweet. (Secret: those people have not actually been obliterated. They do still exist.) Comebacks are savage, but after a while, savage started to lose its power. Now it’s a powerless word. Let it be dormant for a while so that it can gain meaning again.

13. All of us

Used like, this blah blah blah is “all of us.” Like, the look on this person’s face, or this scared dog, or this excited little girl is “all of us.” No. It’s not. It’s just not.

14. Fam

Fam is used to mean your people—your friends, your crew (and it could be your actual family, too). But it’s gotten too much use the last few years, and now it needs a time out.

15. Witch hunt

Someone who I won’t name (okay, it’s President Trump) popularized this word by pretending he was the victim of one because his administration is under investigation. Not quite the same thing. If Trump was in danger of getting drowned, he might have an argument, but as it is, he’s just a whiny baby who doesn’t want to face the consequences of his actions.

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16. President Trump

This phrase is terrible and always has been. The two words should not go together, but what are you gonna do, because they’re together all day, every day. Any time that phrase falls out of someone’s mouth, an angel somewhere gets a really painful noogie.

17. Salty

Salty means being mad or upset over something. But there are other words we could use, like, um…mad and upset. Angry. Frustrated. Pissed off. There are just so many options! I’ve just honestly gotten salty from people overusing “salty.”

18. Stan

It’s kind of weird that this word is just now getting so popular, given that the song it was taken from was from back in 2000. To “stan” something is to be obsessed with it, like the character Stan in the song by the same name by Eminem. But now it’s used just to mean a fan of something and it’s so overplayed. Honestly, this word needs to drive itself into a river.

19. Big mood

Basically, the new “I felt this.” I feel like every comment on Instagram now is “mood” or “big mood” and I know words start trending and spread like wildfire this one has to be the dumbest. It’s reached that point of popularity where even people’s moms have started using it incorrectly. Retire it.

20. F**kboi

I have to admit I enjoyed this one for a while. A f**kboi is a “man whore” or your male equivalent to a basic bitch. As much as these dudes are fun to make fun of, we can do better. We WILL do better.

21. Triggered

Due to the current political situation, the internet has been one giant dumpster fire. Discourse is taking place on all platforms and forums, but if you strongly disagree with someone you are officially “triggered.” I’m at a point now where I’m triggered by the word triggered. While we’re at it let’s go ahead and retire “libtard” and “snowflake.”

22. Absolute unit

A phrase made famous by a hilarious tweet about a very large English lad being described as an “absolute unit.” While this was hilarious, it has spread to describing anything large and round. Go look at any Instagram post of a dog. I guarantee you’ll see it a dozen time. I’m over it.

23. Thot

That Hoe Over There. Really? Acronyms? We’re better than that. And who still calls women hoes? What are you, a pimp from the 70s? Grow up.

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