20ish People’s Genuine Reactions To Seeing Their First-Ever Girlfriend/Boyfriend Naked

Do you remember the first time you saw a boyfriend or girlfriend naked? Do you recall the thoughts that went through your head? How you behaved? If you said anything at all? These people certainly do.

A recent question posted by Redditor u/timbroddin on AskReddit asked, “What was your first reaction when you saw your first boyfriend/girlfriend naked?” The answers were genuine, funny, and, in some cases, super relatable.

20. A how-to in staying married:

Felt unimpressed and like there were definitely better experiences in my future. Mywifeknowsmyredditaccount!

19. Aww.

I thought it was the most wonderful sight imaginable. I shouldn’t have seen it. I walked in on her by accident when we were just friends. That was in 1998. I saw her naked again this morning (as I do most mornings, because I married her) and I still think her naked body is the most wonderful sight imaginable.

18. AWWW.

I was blown away. She was/is a very beautiful woman. To this day, every time I see her.. shower, laying in bed, etc i am blown away and think wow. She loves me. Besides being as beautiful as she is… she is also my best friend

17. All the better to meat you with, my dear.

Nice. Pecs. Damn those are some big balls…and legs. And balls.

16. We can all learn from this one.

“Your tits are even bigger and more beautiful than I hoped they’d be…”

She liked that VERY much.

15. …Nice.

I was like 16 years old and my first instinct was to say “nice”. I instead whispered “you are so beautiful”. It went over well I think.

14. This is actually adorable.

Wow, her legs go on forever.

One of my first girlfriends was quite tall, I’m at her place, sitting in her desk chair, she pops off her jeans and undies in one fell swoop, flops on her bed, stomach down, and sweatshirt still on. So partially naked.

She flipped over, took off her sweatshirt, still had a tank top on, said something and it didn’t register immediately to me that she was talking until she tossed her sweatshirt at my face.

I managed to fall over my own feet as I was trying to hop out of my jeans caught around my ankles landing on her floor in a heap. So actually my first reaction was embarrassment.


Reddit, I like you a lot, but you so confusing.

13. Life finds a way.

She was a swimmer that had casually mentioned she’d had most of her body hair lasered off so when I saw her naked my first reaction (to myself) was: “so all the hair went there huh”

12. Simultaneously a scream of terror and pleasure.

I was a fat, awkward, 15 year old girl who managed to get a boy’s attention. I was screaming so loud in my head I’m sure neighborhood dogs heard it.

11. The feeling never gets old!

as soon as she took off her clothes, she ran up to tackle me onto her bed and hugged me really tight, so my first thought was, “wow, her boobs feel really nice and soft on my chest. i love this feeling. no further questions.”

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