Breakup Note Found In Gym Bathroom Came With A ‘Gift’ And Gay Twitter Is Deceased

There are plenty of ways to break up with someone, and the choice is usually dictated by the length of the relationship being terminated. In person is the obvious choice for someone you’ve been seeing for quite some time, but a breakup note, email, or even text might be more appropriate for shorter flings. If you’re doing the deed in person you have to consider the venue—public or private?


While gym bathroom hookups might be a fixture of gay culture, gym bathroom breakups aren’t nearly as common. That’s just the first reason a tweet by a Washington, D.C. gym-goer raised eyebrows over the weekend. The note someone found in a gym bathroom parting ways with a man named “Justin” was saucy and it also included the return of a VERY PERSONAL object.

Twitter user Sean Keady (@sean_keady) tweeted a photo of a discovery he made in a rooftop bathroom of Vida Fitness, a gym with multiple locations in Washington, D.C. It was a sassy breakup note addressed to a man named Justin along with a “gift.”

Evidently, the author of the breakup note is no fan of Justin’s refusal to commit and let him know by returning his dong ring.

Twitter: @sean_keady

The note reads:

“Justin, here is your cock ring back—I’d rather have a wedding ring. Cannot play your games any longer. Bye, Felicia.” The note closes with a drawing of a middle finger and, while the signature is illegible, something tells me Justin will know who it’s from (at least I hope he will).

The combination of: 1) returning a sex toy 2) in a GYM BATHROOM with 3) a “Bye Felicia” breakup note left Twitter DECEASED:

There’s been no follow-up as to whether or not the note made it to its intended recipient, but if you’re Justin or you wrote the note, please let us know. We’re dying to know the story behind this messy split.

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