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    20+ Things You’d Buy Amazon When You’re Drunk, But Never Regret

    If there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that making drunken purchases online can occasionally be a brilliant idea. After all, who could possibly regret owning an enormous, oversized teddy bear? (Not that I’m speaking from experience, here.) Here are some Amazon products that will definitely appeal to your sillier and more preposterous side. […] More

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    How To Get The Best G-Spot Orgasms

    You may or may not have heard that the G-spot orgasm is a myth. So for the majority of you that haven’t achieved the so-called mind-blowing, full body orgasm from vaginal penetration alone, apparently you’re not missing out on anything. But does that make every vagina owner who’s claimed to have one of these gushing orgasms […] More